From Play to Reflection in Green: Building the course on I2P4Green

Besides the exciting webinars (stay tuned about info on the next one), we are also currently developing the Innovation and Intellectual Property for Green course (I2P4Green).  
This online interactive course in English, will offer several exciting topics, such as: innovation for sustainable and circular (S&CE), IP supporting circularity and sustainability transitions, using innovation and IP information (e.g. what can (or cannot) IP trends related to green reveal to us), how could we use IP mechanisms for S&CE (from managing the related IP assets to their exploitation), as well as topics revealing how one can navigate this IP riddled but (hopefully) evermore sustainable and circular environments if one wishes to use more open innovation approaches (e.g. by exploring the Fareshare Creative Commons).
We are planning for both synchronous and asynchronous sessions from experts and practitioners, as well as featuring interesting online material (from short video lectures to tutorials), with a strong focus on active student learning. The teaching is case-based, where we will bring in elements of using experiential exercises based on 5 practices adopted from entrepreneurial education developed by Heidi Neck and Candida Brush (practice of play, practice of empathy, practice of creation, practice of experimentation and practice of reflection) as well as elements of utopia realized approaches (allowing participants to build their own frameworks in line with their understandings of the future and their previous experience).
Stay tuned for more information, and we hope – when time comes – you decide to join us for this unique course in the intersection of green and IP. Also, should you have further topics you think we should include, let us know..

Picture: original by, adapted by IPR4SC team.

Source: IPR4SC.EU

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