Searching for patent data

Technology Activity Search (TAS)

A technology activity search is a type of patent search that focuses on identifying patents and patent applications related to a particular technology area or industry. It is a valuable tool for companies or individuals looking to gain insight into the current state of innovation within a specific field.

For example, a company specialising in renewable energy might conduct a technology activity search to identify patents related to solar power technology, wind energy technology, or other forms of renewable energy.

To conduct a technology activity search, a patent search professional will typically use a combination of keyword searching, classification searching, and citation searching to identify relevant patents and patent applications. They may also use specialised databases and search tools to assist in the search process.

The results of a technology activity search can provide valuable information on the patent landscape within a particular industry, including the key players, emerging trends, and areas of active research and development. This information can be used to inform strategic decision-making, such as identifying potential areas for innovation or assessing the competitive landscape.

Let’s say a company that specialises in renewable energy wants to keep an eye on the latest developments and innovations in the field of wind turbines. They would conduct a technology activity search in the patent databases to identify recent patents or patent applications related to wind turbine technology.

To conduct this search, they would use relevant keywords related to wind turbines, such as “wind turbine”, “wind energy”, “wind power”, etc. They could also use classification codes such as CPC codes or International Patent Classification (IPC) codes to narrow down their search.

Once they have identified relevant patents or patent applications, they could analyse the technology disclosed in these documents to gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in wind turbine technology. This information could be used to inform their own research and development efforts or to assess potential competitors in the market.

Overall, a technology activity search can be a powerful tool for companies to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements in their field and to make informed strategic decisions based on this information.